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  1. As they have been so popular this year, I thought I'd make up some more of these little sheep cards.  I don't usually have time to make them at this time of year, but they are lovely and a few of the galleries I work with have been requesting them.  

    Little sheep card lay out


    I use merino wool for the background, along with a variety of other fibres.  It's fun to mix in stuff that wouldn't usually felt very well.  I'm particularly fond of acrylic eyelash yarn, as it adds beautiful texture, although my hand dyed silk is great to work with too.  

    A friend (Barbara, who runs MoMad bags) recently gave me a few scraps of pure shetland wool left over from a jumper she'd been knitting.  The wool originally came from the stash of an elederly lady in the village of St Keverne, who had previously owned a yarn shop and couldn't bear to part with part of her stock.  It makes great tree branches.  The leaves I've made from prefelt left overs.  The range of tones and colours makes them quite effective, and I'm sure you'll agree, the end result is very cheery!

    sheep card